National Somali reconciliation [Archives:2006/910/Front Page]

January 9 2006

Adel Al-Haddad
ADEN, Jan. 5 ) Somali President Abdullah Yousif Ahmed and his rival speaker of the Somali Parliament speaker Sharaif Hassan Al-Sheikh signed in Aden declaration on Thursday for the Somali national reconciliation. The agreement was under sponsorship of President Ali Abdullah Saleh. The declaration consists of five items, which confirm to conclude the fight in Somalia. The two Somali leaders agreed on importance of active coordination, and respecting the principles of the federal charter of Somalia.

The declaration set that the two leaders had agreed to “leave behind all the past differences that hampered the function of interim institutions” and “act together to under the agreement.

The declaration also stated that the Somalia's 275-member transitional parliament should meet within a month in the Somali areas. The declaration called international community and all over world countries to offer all forms of support for holding the first meeting of the Somali parliament in the Somalia.

The two Somali leaders asked from all Somali people to put armies aside in order to make an end for the civil war and use peaceful ways for resolving their clash.

President Saleh congratulated Somalia leaders for reaching this reconciliation. The president Saleh said “It is time to rebuild new democratic Somalia with the participation of all political parties of Somalia,” . He also stressed on the importance of moving all state institutions of Somalia into Mogadishu. He said that the international community would help Somalia, if its leaderships unified.

President Saleh called upon the people and the weapons traders to alter their trade to building Somalia. He advised political leadership to close the problems and claims of the past. He also called upon the Somali leadership, parliament, and governments, to move to the capital Somalia Mogadishu.

The Somali leaders expressed their gratitude and appreciation for President Ali Abdullah Saleh for his efforts in decrease disagreement between the two Somali leaders.