National strategy for expanding production, development of exports [Archives:2003/629/Business & Economy]

March 31 2003

The Yemeni cabinet has approved a national strategy for developing agriculture of certain plants like coffee, date-palm trees, mango, and olive, as well as paying more attention to bee breeding. The main objective of this policy is expansion in production and increase of exports to the neighboring countries.
This strategy also aims at the improvement of farmers conditions through alleviation of burdens they are bearing. It aims also to encourage them on increasing work in their lands and raising the rate of production. The strategy focuses on expansion in agriculture areas for those crops, investment in them by local capitals and to work for development of mechanisms for production and marketing both at local and external levels.
The strategy, offered by the ministry of agriculture, urges the concerned parties to benefit from other countries experiments in agriculture and production areas through conclusion of agreements and protocols for bilateral cooperation, especially in regards improvement of quality of production and protection of soil and environment. The strategic plan has stressed the importance of establishing a fund for encouragement of agricultural and fish production by giving priority in its future programs to support expansion in agriculture of strategic crops.
For the implementation of this strategy the council of ministers in Yemen has assigned the ministries of agriculture and irrigation, planning and development and the finance with preparing executive programs for the development of those plants cultivation to the end guaranteeing continuation and development for the realization of policies of agricultural development and increase in the volume of exports.
Yemeni agriculture products face competition by agriculture products from Somalia and some neighborly countries. Nonetheless, the Yemeni agriculture climate is distinguished by its diversity around the year seasons, and this situation makes various Yemeni agricultural products available all the time of the year.
Yemen does also possesses fertile agricultural lands but lacks waters enough for expansion in farming highly profitable plants and exportable agricultural products such as potato, grapes, onions, orange and apple. Therefore, this new strategy needs sources for financing to facilitate its implementation to achieve its productive and exporting objectives.