National Symposium on Minerals and Rocks [Archives:2000/19/Business & Economy]

May 8 2000

Yasser M. Ahmed
Yemen Times
The national symposium for reconstructed and industrial mineral and rocks was held on 2-3 of May, 2000. This symposium was organized by the Consultative Council and Ministry of Oil and Mineral Wealth, represented by Geological Survey Authority. It aimed at creating an awareness amongst the governmental institutions on our huge wealth of mineral ores. It also discussed the problems faced by governmental institutions to exploit mineral wealth, and how to overcome those problems. In addition, the symposium informed investors of the benefits of discussion on the coal mines system keeping in view the local needs for mineral ores used in reconstruction and industry. It highlighted the future plans for developing of the fish and mineral sectors for supporting the national economy.
The symposium resolved to achieve greater coordination between all agencies concerned to exploit mineral wealth properly.
Mr. Abdulaziz Abdulghani, Chairman of the Consultative Council delivered a speech on which he highlighted the role of the state in achieving economic and social development, ensuring industrial growth for a vibrant national economy. He drew the attention of the businessmen to invest in this sector for sustainable development because Yemen is rich in minerals and other resources. He offered the prospective investors with necessary guarantees and other facilities for this purpose.
Mr. Mohammed Al-Khadim Al-Wajeh, Minister of Oil stressed the importance of this symposium in the context of the celebration of the unification day.
He said that the surveys have come up with promising discoveries of gold, cooper, nickel, and platinum deposits in the Northern and Western parts and of Yemen. Participants discussed a number of papers presented on this occasion. Those papers concentrated on mineral reserves in Yemen and discussed strategies for their optimal utilization.
Mr. Abdulaziz Abdulghani inaugurated the exhibition organized on the occasion. It was attended by representatives of Arab Geological Union, Arab Company for Mineral, Ministry of Industry, General Authority for Investment, Geological Survey Authority, and the Industrial and Commercial Public Union.