National Symposium on the Importation of Non-Origin Products & Dumping Policy in Yemeni Markets [Archives:2001/39/Business & Economy]

September 24 2001

Yaser Mohammad Ahmad
Yemen Times
Last Wednesday, Sep, 17, the national Symposium of the Dumping Phenomenon and the importing of the non-origin products to the Yemeni markets and the negative consequences on the local and national economy. The Symposium was attended by the Vice President, Abduh Rabuh Mansur, , the Chairman of the Arab Union for Consumer, Mohammed Obaidat, the Expert of the International Organization, Al-Habeeb, the Secretary General of the Consuming Protective Society in Jordan, Abulfatah Alkailani. A round 25 working papers from Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia were presented. The working papers were carefully discussed by the participants, dealing with the dumping policy in which many products entered illegally to our country. The Symposium has come out of the following recommendations:
Enacting a draft law to protect the consumer and getting rid of smuggling products considering it as a crime within societies and the national economy.
Quality control and the necessity to discuss the main issues together with the national committees, delegating with WTO in order to strike balance related to rights and duties.
From informative and enlightening standpoint, the participants stressed on urging the Ministry of the Information to prevent the advertisements which is in consistent with standards and quality law and the quality control should be taken into consideration.
The concerned bodies have to perform its role effectively in order to show the people of the dangers of the insecticide.
Boycotting the Israeli products, American products and the companies, which deals with the Israeli products whatever they are?