Natural plantation site established [Archives:2003/648/Local News]

July 7 2003

The general body for research and agricultural counseling established a plantation for natural plants in the regional station for the central hills' research of Dhamar. The plantation is two hectares in area and contains a number of wild, medical, fragrance plants and trees. It also contains a variety of fruits, vegetables and cereals so as to protect these kinds of plants.
Dr. Abdullah Mahram head of the regional station for the central hills' research said to Saba News agency that explorative trips had been conducted since mid 2001 for the collection of different kinds of plants from mountainous areas and these plants were brought to the station as seeds or transplants after preparing a suitable environment for their growth. Islands of different soils were managed for those plants, which were protected from cold and heat through palm leaves.
The collection contains more than 50 types of plants belonging to 17 tree plant families and all data regarding those plants had been recorded by a number of specialized researchers.
Dr. Mahram added that they are intending to establish similar plantations along the coastal area and the eastern plateau, and to establish an inheritance compound for palm trees in Sayoon, and another for falling fruits in the body's branch in the northern heights.
All these efforts are carried in order to preserve natural life in our country and recording of those plants would give Yemen the credit for possessing those plants and hence utilizing them for further needs and protection from assault.