Natural Resources Management Symposium Concludes in Taiz [Archives:2001/29/Local News]

July 16 2001

Last Thursday, the First Symposium on Traditional Management of Natural Resources and Environment concluded its symposium in Taiz. It was organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Tourism and Environment in co-operation with Al-Saeed Cultural Corporation and under the supervision of the Forth Branch Program- Taiz Branch. More than (30) official parties and voluntarily organizations working in the natural resources and in the environment protection.
At the beginning of the symposium, the governor of Taiz, Al-hajri delivered a speech in which he placed a great stress on the importance of making use of the historical legacy in the agricultural betterment. The participants discussed the working papers concentrating on the traditional management of the natural resources. At the same time the Eng. Mohee Al-Deen Al-Aghbari presented a book in which he dealt with the diverse traditional ways of agriculture in two main areas in “Al-Aghabera & Al-Arook” in Taiz governorate. Dr. Rafeek dealt with the proper ways of bee-hiving in addition to the difficulties faced by the beekeepers such as the spreading of Uarroa Gacobsom diseases.
The two engineers Rashad & Ahmad Al-kholidi discussed the ways of getting rid of the plant epidemic in Al-Mowaset whereas Abdullah Morshed presented his working paper on the use of natural substances to eradicate the plant epidemic. The symposium also revolved around the considerable effects on consuming large quantities of water on Qat and the effects of insecticides to the soil and to the man. Entisar Alharith presented her working paper focusing on the important role of woman to make a wise use of water. She brought a light on the deteriorating status of woman in villages.