Nature’s replenishmentBura’ must be saved [Archives:2005/807/Last Page]

January 13 2005
Photo from archived article: photos/807/lastpage1_1
Photo from archived article: photos/807/lastpage1_1
By Kamal Yahya Abdullah Maridi
Bajel, Hodeidah
[email protected]
For The Yemen Times

Bura' is a protected natural sanctuary and one of the charming and magnificent places which is bestowed on our land by God Almighty.

When you get to that place everything around you and inside you changes thoroughly. You burst with zeal and vitality. The climate changes into a lovely one. You throw off worries, boredom and depression and feel that a pure soul replaces your own one.

Evergreen trees and bushes surround you from each direction. Little streams of water flow on the rocks in the valley forming small water gatherings here and there. The sounds and sights of birds and monkeys add more beauty to the scenery and that makes you feel and imagine as if you were in the heaven.

During Al Eid vacation my colleagues and I paid a visit to the mentioned place. When we sighted it everything changed as I mentioned above. We spent a short but enjoyable and wonderful time, which will not be erased, from our memories.

Yet one thing made me sad and enabled sorrow to find its way to my heart. It is the environment enemy, namely the waste materials which have been thrown everywhere by the visitors. You can find water and Pepsi plastic bottles and cans, food plastic dishes, plastic bags and other forms of garbage scattered everywhere.

As it is known plastic materials are dangerous and can lead to the vanishing of such beautiful heavens.

What is the solution to this problem? What can we do to stop it and put an end to it? I the humble man have come up with a suggestion, which I hope it can work much in overcoming such problems.

It is: the concerned authority should erect a checkpoint in the entrance of that site and those who carry damaging things must be prevented from entering the wood. This is my modest solution. If you have other ones, please, make them see the light.