NCC Computer EducationPlanning for future IT career in Yemen and the world [Archives:2003/635/Education]

May 12 2003

Shakeeb Othman
General Manager
NCC Education,
Yemen Center

NCC Education is considered as one of world's leading Information Technology (IT) qualification awarding bodies, with numerous academic and professional educational and training courses being taught in over 45 countries, including Yemen.
NCC Education works with government and national bodies worldwide to devise and implement educational and training projects.
NCC Education's training programs are recognized internationally as being one of the most effective means for students to advance careers in IT.
It provides comprehensive support, from providing of comprehensive tutor and student training materials to moderating the process of training delivery and establishing the assessment mechanism.

NCC IT Education Path
Candidates at NCC can enroll themselves on a whole range of prgorams starting from a 6-month program upto Master Degree program which would include the following:
1. International Certificate in Computer Studies ( ICCS) – 6-Month Program.
2. International Diploma In Computer Studies ( IDCS) – 1ST year Program.
3. International Advanced Diploma In computer Studies (IADCS) – 2nd year Program.
4. Bachelor Degree in Computing and Information Systems (BCIS)-3rd year program.
5. Master Degree in Strategic Business IT (MSC) – 4th year program.

IT Careers at NCC
There is a wide spectrum of career opportunities available for IT students at NCC. There is an IT career to suit candidates according to their career and professional needs: whether they like meeting customers, creating e-commerce ideas or developing leading edge technology. The IT industry is highly rewarding. Skilled people are in high demand and enjoy excellent career progression. This industry creates more millionaires than any other.
There are many IT careers available; here is a list of the most popular ones:
1. Database Administrator
2. IT/Information Systems Manager
3. Network Administrator
4. Network Engineer
5. PC Support
6. Programmer
7. Project Manager
8. Software Support Engineer
9. Software Engineer
10. Software Tester
11. Systems Administrator
12. Systems Analyst
13. Systems Designer
14. Systems Support
15. Technical Engineer
16. Webmaster

How NCC can help you
NCC Education can help candidates to play a vital role in their workplace by choosing one of the above-mentioned IT Careers. We believe that every individual should be encouraged to fulfill their potential . To get started we recommend the following steps:

1. Plan Your Career
Seek out information about occupations with favorable career prospects, high earnings and other attributes that are important to you.

2. Keep Learning
Take every opportunity to learn new skills. The more you upgrade your skills to the constantly changing world of work, the more likely you will be able to develop your career and reach your potential.

3. Research Career Information
A small investment of your time will help you make an informed career choice that could pay dividends throughout your life.

4. Selecting A Learning Option
The explosion in the popularity of lifelong learning has led to the introduction of a wider range of learning options designed to be flexible enough to fit into the busiest person's life. It is important that you select the right option for you. You can select one of the following learning options:
Classroom, Online, Full-time, Part-time, and Modular Learning

5. Selecting A Qualification
Whichever career you are considering, there are a large number of different qualifications you could study for in order to obtain access to that career. You need to make sure that you choose the qualification that is right for you.
Given below is a checklist of points you should keep in mind when choosing a qualification:

Student Support
When considering a qualification you should check what level of student support is offered.
Some awarding bodies, like NCC Education, provide all of their students with access to a virtual learning environment in addition to their classroom learning. NCC Education's Virtual Campus enables students to enhance their learning with interactive features such as online chats and discussion boards. The availability of revision aids is also important, NCC Education provides its students with access to exam tips and past papers.

Employment Relevance
Your ultimate aim when choosing a qualification to study is to obtain access to a well-paid and successful career. You need to check that the qualification you choose teaches the skills relevant to real life organizations, like NCC Education qualifications.

International Recognition
If you think that studying or working overseas may be an attractive option in future it is important that you choose a qualification which is internationally recognized.

Academic Recognition
If you think that you might want to take your studies further in the future you need to make sure that the qualification you choose is recognized by academic institutions delivering the level of qualification you may want to undertake in the future. NCC Education qualifications are recognized by academic institutions all over the word including universities in the USA, UK and Australia.
6. Seeking Employment Using the Internet
Once you have obtained your qualifications, or if you have decided to study part-time or online you need to start looking for a job.
Online Recruiters
Most large recruitment agencies have established online recruitment departments.
Try to find a site that is easy to use and is regularly refreshed. Some sites will offer extras like email alerts or the ability to post your CV online, these can be useful but check if you will be charged and make sure the site is relevant to you and the job you are seeking.
Company Websites
If there is a specific employer you want to target, search their website for information and company background. Most company sites have their own recruitment pages to advertise available jobs. Alternatively look for contact details of the human resources (HR) manager or department head and send them your CV directly.

Welcome to a world of opportunities, welcome to NCC Education.

Starting next week, NCC Education will begin a series of lessons on this page.
Please try to follow-up the series for your own benefit and knowledge.
There will also soon be an announcement for a competition based on the lessons.