NCMI-Aden celebrates 32nd anniversary [Archives:2003/635/Community]

May 12 2003

National Cigarettes & Matches Industries Ltd. celebrated in Sanaa on Thursday its 32nd foundation anniversary by honoring its agents in Sanaa, Taiz, Mareb, Dhamar and a number of other governorates.
On this occasion, Mr. Abdullah Abdulkadir Bajaseer, the company's Sanaa office said that the celebration comes to crown all the annual anniversary celebrations held so far throughout the country. What is special about this year's celebration in Sanaa is that it included all branch offices and agents and honors the agents' efforts in promoting our company's products throughout Yemen. During the event, distinguished salespersons from Sanaa, Taiz and Dhamar were also honored.
“This celebration marks 32 years since the company was first established, and today we are proud to see that the company has covered most of the governorates through branches and agents.” Mr. Najaseer said.