Negligence of Mocha Port raises concern [Archives:2005/907/Local News]

December 29 2005

SANAA, Dec. 27 ) The government recently authorized governors of Hadramout, Hudaydah and Aden to prepare a plan for the projects, procedures and required decisions to profit from the World Bank's Project aimed at developing Yemeni ports.

However, concern was raised because of the exclusion of Mocha Port, which is one of the oldest and most famous Yemeni ports. Despite the fact the port is ignored by the concerned parties, it has been playing an important economic role over the last years and provides services for a wider geographical area and a great portion of population.

It is worth noting that Bajammal's government has taken a surprising decision during the early phases of implementing the World Bank project for developing the Yemeni ports. Under this decision, Mocha Port was transformed into a military port.

However, the Parliament thwarted the application of this decision and invalidated it under the pretext that it causes harm to a large portion of population having old trade relations with some countries located in the Horn of Africa.

The Yemeni Craftsmen Society questioned the reality of the economic and national goals of Bajammal's government which intend to edge out the role of Mocha Port and deprive the city of Makha and its neighboring areas of benefiting from the port and the World Bank Project.