Negotiations with Chased Qaeda Members deadlocked [Archives:2002/10/Local News]

March 4 2002

Recent mediations to convince Qaed Senyan al-Harethi to surrender himself to the Yemeni authorities have been to no avail.
Leading sheikhs of Mareb, headed by Sheikh Ameen al-Okaimi, an MP, his brother Yahya, as well as Ali bin Saeed Muaili, Sheikh of Abeeda, failed to strike a deal.
Sheikh, Hussain al-Ahmar, son of the Parliament Speaker, also resumed negotiations with al-Harethi in an attempt to persuade him to give up himself to the authorities.
However, al-Harethi had no confidence on the assurances made by the authorities, a tribal source told the Yemen Times.
President Salih stressed in a recent speech to tribesmen of Mareb that Yemen has been requested to extradite only two persons (al-Harethi and al-Ahadal), believed to have links with al Qaeda, to the US authorities.
On another development, a number of US military counterterror experts are expected to arrive soon in Yemen, within the framework of bilateral anti-terror cooperation between Yemen and the US.
US President George Bush earlier denied the report of the Wall Street Journal, that US troops are being sent to Yemen.
He said that whenever the US learns that al Qaeda operates in certain countries, it will work with the respective governments to eradicate it.