Netherlands Assistance to Yemen [Archives:1997/46/Business & Economy]

November 17 1997

through DRET Program
On Saturday, November 15, 1997, the Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Arend J.Meerburg, and the Deputy Minister of Planning and Development, Dr. Jaffer Hamed, signed a grant agreement with respect to the delivery of five working vessels (including two tug-boats) for the port of Aden under the Development Related Export Transaction (DRET) program. This is the fifth grant agreement signed between Yemen and the Netherlands in two years.
Under the DRET Program, assistance can be given to developing countries in the form of capital goods produced in the Netherlands. In the case of Yemen, the Netherlands Government gives a grant of 60% of the total costs of the project, while Yemen pays 40%. The total of Dutch grants under this program over the past two years amounted to fl. 102.1 million, equivalent to about US$ 50 million.
Under the DRET program, the following projects have been implemented in Yemen, or have been signed, during the last two years:
1. 16 DAF/Geesing garbage trucks for several towns in Yemen were delivered in 1996. Dutch grant: fl. 3.3 million 2. Two Damen tug boats for the port of Hodeidah were delivered in 1996. Dutch grant: fl. 5.7 million 3. A Stork-Wartsila 40 MW power stationis being build at the moment in Mukallah. Dutch grant: fl. 59.3 million 4. 100 DAF road tanker combinations for LPG-transport will probaly be delivered in 1998. Dutch grant: fl. 24 million 5. Five Damen working vessels for the port of Aden, incl. two tug-boats to be delivered in 1998. Dutch grant: fl. 9.8 million
Total Dutch grants under DRET: fl. 102.1 million
Grants given under the DRET program are additional to the regular Dutch bilateral aid to Yemen.