New association successful Strengthening Yemeni – Lebanese ties [Archives:2002/49/Local News]

December 2 2002

SANA’A – The Yemeni-Lebanese Brotherhood Association has received donations totaling to US $19,000 and YR 1.5 million.
The donations have come from international companies including Canadian Nexen, Consolidated Contractors International Company, CCC, al-Maz Group, Spacetel and other major companies operating in Yemen.
The Yemeni-Lebanese Brotherhood Association was established a year ago.
In his speech during a recent meeting of the association, Sheikh Yahya Mohammed Abdullah Saleh talked about the main achievements during the last year, which have paved the way for deepening relations between Yemen and Lebanon whether social, economical or cultural.
Shiekh Yahya Mohammed promised the granting of scholarships for students of the two countries.
The main cultural activity of the association was the Lebanese Cultural Week held in Sheraton Hotel last May.
In addition, poetry and Lebanese soirees were performed at the Yemeni Cultural Center.
The activity was attended by the Lebanese Ambassador, a good number of Yemeni-Lebanese officials, the country manager of the CCC and a host of others.