New batches graduated from Military Institute for Languages [Archives:2004/754/Local News]

July 12 2004

Mohammed bin Sallam
A ceremony was held Wednesday 7 July at the Military Institute for Languages in Sana'a on graduation of a number of new batches from various languages departments. The graduated batches were the 25th English language (American curriculum) and (British curriculum), batch 25 for French language, batch 20 Russian language and batch 17 Amhari language ( an ancient Yemeni language).
In his address at the ceremony Air Force Brigadier General Qassem Abdulsallam al-Shaibani he touched on the steps taken by the Institute during the 2003-2004 academic year and what had been accomplished in qualification of Yemeni military cadres and training them on various world languages, adding that the Institute was soon to embark on opening other departments for teaching the German and the Persian languages. Brigadier General al-Shaibani also mentioned that the number of the graduated military students in those batches was 133 and was looking forwards to see the number being doubled in the coming academic years.
The ceremony was attended by Staff Major General Ali Saeed Ubeid, Deputy Chief of Staff for training affairs and educational institutions , who lauded the efforts exerted by the Institute administration and the teaching staff, urging the graduates to improve their level and continue in developing their learning of languages . The ceremony was also attended by representatives of American, British, French, Russian, Iranian, and Ethiopian military attaches and a number of heads of military academies and schools.