New Book by Rashed Muhammad Thabet History of the South Revolution against the British Colony [Archives:2004/777/Culture]

September 30 2004

Mohammed bin Sallam
A documentary book has recently been issued by Mr. Rashed Muhammad Thabet. The book divides the 226 medium sized pages into four chapters. In the first chapter, the author discusses the facts of the British Colony and the People's resistance against its existence. In the second chapter, he speaks about the British Colony's terrorism (its forms and methods) in and outside the city of Aden. In the third chapter, Mr. Rashed Muhammad Thabet discloses testimonies and documents on the methods of torture used against captives in the British prisons in Aden. This includes divulging methods of torture leading to the deaths of detainees, and includes details of detainees' health and psychological sufferings. Finally, in the fourth chapter, the book illustrates a number of documents, photos, and the names of some of the former detainees of British prisons.

Foreword of the book
In the Foreword of his book, he says that the memories of history never forget the glorious deeds of the people or the suffering of the victims, as long as the historic struggle is recorded and the sacrifices and victims authenticated by blood and souls. The struggle of the Yemeni nation will not cease to exist nor will it be forgotten by the passing of time, nor will the subject be avoided, or dismissed as reckless, or its underlying ethics underestimated – it was a struggle of noble and glorious deeds.
The noble history of our people's combat will not be established, nor eternally recorded, unless brought out into the field of research and put into the hands of all, for discussion, analysis, and interpretation.
The history of Yemen's fight against British colonialism is full of evidences and facts, that provide us with enlightening lessons towards building a future more prosperous than our past.
In his book, the Author unveils the fierce means of torture which were practiced within British prisons. And as clarified by the Author, they are the most cruel and terrorizing means adopted by British Intelligence, to lower the nationals, as well as to destroy the spirits of those who severely resisted against the Colony and its supporters.
The documents which he relies upon in confirming the torture practiced within the British prisons, are part of what was snapped up by the detainees from within the prisons, and also official memorandums which were directed to the British Administration on the status of the detainees in the fearful Colony's prisons.
Mr. Rashed Muhammad Thabet lived his childhood in Aden City, and has obtained his preparatory and secondary studies in Aden.
He obtained his Bachelor degree in Philosophy, Social Science, from Damascus University, Syria.
He joined earlier in political and union tasks. Had shouldered leadership responsibilities during the course of the liberation, among the group of the National Liberation Front.
He was arrested twice by British Intelligence. He was finally arrested in June 1965 and was released in November 1967.
After Independence, he occupied several journalistic positions, before becoming the General Manager of the Radio & Television Station. Later on, he functioned in the following positions:
– Minister of Information.
– Cabinet Affairs Minister .
– Minister of Culture & Tourism.
– Minister to the Re-unification Affairs.
– State Minister to the Deputies Assembly Affairs.
– As well, worked as ambassador to Cairo, Morocco, and Tunis.
– He is a founding member of Authors Union & Yemeni Writers.