New Canadian Ambassador in Yemen [Archives:2003/675/Local News]

October 9 2003

Abdo Moqbil Al-Sabiri
Sana'a, Oct. 7_ A lunch party was given on 6 October by Honorary Counsel for Canada-Yemen, Mr. Abduhlmalik Ali Zabarah at his residence in Sana'a in honor of the new Canadian non-resident ambassador to Yemen, Mr. Roderick Bill.
The reception was attended by a number of foreign and Arab diplomats, prominent dignitaries, businessmen, media representatives and a host of others.
Mr. Bill has expressed his optimism about broadening horizons of Canadian-Yemeni relationships for the better. “I think the Canadian-Yemeni relationship is good and strong. Yet, we can always strengthen it. You can always make it better,” Mr. Bill told the Yemen Times.
Canadian-Yemeni relations are excellent and continuously developing especially after the visit of President Saleh to Canada. That has made Canadians think of opening an embassy in Yemen, and give more aid and external support also. But Mr. Bill sees that more work can some times be done without an embassy. “I think that the good example of that is between Canada and Yemen. “Helping people at grass root levels and we of course did that without an embassy here in Sana'a,” he remarked.
“The president's visit to Canada in the year 2000 gave a new impetus to the relationship of Yemen,” he added.
The Canada Fund Program, which is a modest one, has positively contributed much through many channels in different fields such as health care and education, for women and handicapped associations.
Mr. Bill believes that there is a possibility that the Canada Fund Program would be increased. “The Canada Fund Program have been based on the community grass root level. I have recently visited one of those projects and found that it is really inspiring,” he remarked.
More than 18 projects have been implemented through the Canada Fund Program.
He expressed his delight for being here in Yemen as a new ambassador and has already loved the country. “The work you try to do in a small country is sometimes appreciated,” he concluded.