New census resources development [Archives:2003/636/Community]

May 12 2003

Yemen Times Staff
Yemen is preparing for new census in the resources development field. The aim of the census is to identify the population needs in education, health and services sector in order to solve a number of social and development problems in the country.
The country's population, which exceeds 18 million people according to the latest survey, requires a great deal of resources especially in the urban areas where more than 25% of the population lives.
Through the census it is expected to identify unemployment, illiteracy, disability rates, and the development gap between rural and urban areas, internal and external migrations indicators, and human development needs.
The census also aims at defining the best methods and mechanisms in utilizing the available natural and human resources in a balanced manner. A trade-off between the existing resources and needs or demands is to be studied according to the results of the survey as well.
Studies on the demographics of the population are to be carried out as a consequence of the census in an attempt to realize the best plans and projects for the coming years. Especially those indicators from the previous statistics show that around 50% of the Yemeni population is below 15 years old that is unproductive, whereas those above 64 years constitute % 3, 8. Out of the productive percentage more than half is unutilized because of unemployment. This is why such census is very important for drawing up future strategic plans that target the economic, social and development problems in the country, and the more accurate the statistics are the more effective the strategies based on them would be.