New center at Sana’a University aims to improve education methods [Archives:2007/1020/Local News]

January 29 2007

By: Nisreen Shadad
Sana'a University inaugurated on Tuesday the University Education Development Center to be in charge of academic standards, such as the quality of teaching and learning, and on Wednesday launched its first symposium on university education quality assurance.

The purpose of the program is to develop academic programs which are in line with new educational developments in the world. The center consists of four units: Evaluation and Quality Assurance, Educational Technology, University Teaching and Programs Development, and Research, Materials Development and Translation. These units are assigned to Mahuob Anam, assistant professor of Curriculum and Instruction, Yehia Al-Shehari, assistant professor of Educational Technology, Radman Saeed, professor of Educational Mathematics and Ayid Sharyan, professor of English Language and Literature.

The center is interested in higher education, quality assurance, total quality management, academic accreditation, academic standards, new trends in higher education, concept of the university, university teaching, academic leadership, and qualities of a university professor.

“We are really in need of changing and developing some of the curricula since there are various faculties that don't teach practical research