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June 11 2001

by Mohamed Kadri
Recent scientific and medical discoveries advise you to immediately stop taking any more iron pills; even if they were prescribed by a physician! Similarly these discoveries tell you that aluminum is harmful for your brain!
While smoking has been an issue that medicine has kept always discussing and warning against its negative effects, especially as causing chest and heart diseases, here come recent researchers to claim iron causing similar harms.
Those researchers have reached the conclusion that males as more victims than females. This is because monthly blood lost by females contain iron, which acts as natural protection. On the other hand, females taking contraceptive pills are more prone to heart, veins and chest health defects !
But these reports, do not advise you to refrain from taking food stuffs rich in iron. The solution, according to them is to get rid of monthly blood quantities as protective behavior. Another orientation is to take aspirin tablets, a common piece of advice which is believed to remove iron found in your body.
Aluminum, too, finds itself in the accusation-cage! Reports warn against its harmful effects on the brain!
It leads to early senility, a phenomenon that causes memory loss, depression and love of loneliness manifest in failure to talk, behave rationally, appropriate to time and place. The disease is caused by brain veins blockage.
Aluminum, harmful to the nerves cells, exists everywhere as a raw material. It is also mixed with other natural elements such as oxygen and composes 8% of the outer layer of the globe. Anyway, shun recruitment in aluminum factories, avoid aluminum spaces and you would be O.K!