New Discoveries That are Important for Natural History and Naturalists [Archives:1999/43/Last Page]

October 25 1999

Ali Qassim Ibn
The oldest of these discoveries are of rare petrified ancient natural objects in the world. I entreat all naturalists and those concerned in this field to keep in touch with me through the ” YEMEN TIMES” which has my address. There will soon be a site on the Internet to relate and reiterate what was or is to be published in the afore-said weekly and as such make all interested readers acquainted with the rare petrified substances and excavations.
The petrified objects represent fossilized insects inside amber pieces. Of these. I possess a rare 10- gram- amber piece with seven fossilized insects inside it, besides the fifty other pieces mentioned in the last issue of the YEMEN TIMES. Added to that are fish and other fossilized marine life. But the present piece are regarded as new natural history discoveries revealed to the naturalists all over the world.
The first piece is agate in yellow color that contains a fossilized insect as shown in the picture.
I have a collection of books and references that tell us about the precious stones and petrified object as well as excavation. So far I have not read about or known of any piece of agate existing in the world with a fossilized insect inside it, despite my pursue of natural history of the petrified objects . This piece might be a new discovery of the natural history in the world.
The second piece represents three kinds of precious stones combined into one 2- kilogram-piece of stone.
The first kind is azure aquamarine, the second is large and small red granite grains forming a belt surrounding the stone. The third kind is white quartz. Such kinds are often taken as individual precious stones, as would seem from the picture.
There are other pictures that indicate each kind of such stone in its individual state. The first picture represents the aquamarine, the second picture the granite, and the third picture the quarts.
I present such discoveries to help the naturalists be acquainted with new kinds of petrified objects and excavations for their consideration. In addition to this, there are the precious stones that are found together in the same stone. I also want to be of use to the naturalists and to make use of them in this area.
This above mentioned weekly will continue publishing topics dealing with other rare objects. All the same to the “YEMEN TIMES” I pay tribute and gratitude for the help it extends to me in bringing to light such material for the benefit of the concerned. to make them aware of the secretes and wonders of the magnificent, fascinating world, thanks to its Almighty Creator.