New Discoveriesof Raw Mineral Materials in Amran Governorate [Archives:2005/849/Local News]

June 9 2005

It was announced in Sana'a last week that, a large amount of mineral reserves were discovered in a mine in Sawar, Maswar mine,- in Amran Governorate, fifty kilometers north west of the capital Sana'a.

Doctor Rashed Ba-Raba'a, Minister of Petroleum and Minerals, described this discovery to the media as good and positive . He said this after his inspection to the excavation works that the Canadian (Caltex Mine ) is doing in a number of sights since 1996.

The reserve of the raw materials is estimated to be 40 million tons, 2% of it copper and nickel. Its income is expected to be between 500 and milliard dollars.