New Improvements in Telecommunication in the Capital Secretariat [Archives:2001/30/Business & Economy]

July 23 2001

In a press conferences, the General-director of the Capital Secretariat Dr. Ismael Al-Awami puts much emphasis on the establishment of new telephone lines. Al-Awami indicated in the conference to the directives issued by the President concerning the execution of 1 million telephone lines in all the governorates of the republic. At the same time the Capital Secretariat witnessed large expansions in telephone centers and network especially in the densely populated quarters and the main commercial centers. Al-Awami said in the conference that around 22500 telephone lines were added to the telecommunication centers a few months ago, indicating that the total number of the telephone lines in the Capital Secretariat reached around 130.000 executed telephone numbers. Around 42.000 telephones networks were allocated to the capital Sana’a. Such project is going to be executed within the first half of the coming year. Al-Awami added that the procedures of subscribers are going to be simplified. Among such procedures is the payment of lines’ costs and the using the ID to get the telephone services in addition to 80 center services to all areas in the capital city. According to the new policy concerning the morning and the afternoon shifts the revenues of the corporation increased during the last six months to reach six billion and nine-hundred million YR. Al-Awami concluded that the corporation is taking a great interest in providing and facilitating the services for subscribers.