New Information on the USS Cole Blast [Archives:2001/18/Local News]

April 30 2001

Security personnel in Sana’a arrested last week three suspected persons on the USS destroyer blast on 12.10.2000, killing 17 and injuring 39. It is expected that they would be presented to court in Aden. The number of accused persons suspected to have been involved in the incident has reached more than fifteen. It is reported that security personnel have also detained some others suspects as well. On their part, security agencies denied having launched arrest campaigns in Aden, Lahj, Abyan and Sana’a.
Some sources had expected that the suspects were not going to be tried at present as investigations were not yet over. On the other hand, Yemeni investigating team has also ended a visit to the USA collecting more information on the case, meeting with some US officials and members who were on board of the USS Cole at the time of the incident.
Sources have also confirmed that the Yemeni team has obtained medical reports pertaining to marine crews killed and injured in the blast. They’ve also obtained results of DNA tests conducted on a bone found on the surface of the destroyer and on some blood stains found on safety razor blade in the house of one of the suicide bombers named al-Khamri. The test indicated that blood on the safety razor blade was identical to a blood sample of one of his relatives who was his step brother. The same team is scheduled to leave for Germany for further investigations.