New Installations for Liquefied Natural Gas Inaugurated [Archives:2001/35/Local News]

August 27 2001

This coming September will witness the inauguration of a new installation of liquefied natural gas at the Aden Refineries. This is in order to meet the increasing demands for export which has a total capacity of 1500 metric tons. The Manager of the Engineering Services in Aden Refineries, Eng. Salem Abdullah Salem, told YT that the installation contains ten pressure vertical gas tanks, each tank contains 59 thousand gallons fully equipped with loading and unloading stations, particularly for the land and sea carriers and the link between them and the liquefied gas tanks. He also stated that seven tanks have been already established, such as diesel, gas, benzene, and kerosene tanks, with the capacity of 20 thousand tones. These installations are financed by the Aden Refineries. Salem also added that the Yemeni experts and specialists could successfully achieve the execution of this projects and they could also adapt with the new techniques and foreign standards.