New Landmark in Corruption [Archives:1998/09/Front Page]

March 2 1998

A virtual conversation between Prime Minister, Dr. Faraj Bin Ghanim, and one of his aides.
Aide: Mr. Prime Minister. I have some good news and some bad news.
PM: Start with the bad news.
Aide: Some military people in Hadhramaut are selling a children’s school in Seiyoun.
PM: What do you mean? Who can dare do that?
Aide: As I said. They have put up the building and compound of Al-Jamaheer School in downtown Seiyoun as real estate for sale.
PM: And what is the good news?
Aide: The pupils are not part of the deal.

The Prime Minister jumped out of his seat and immediately instructed the governor of Hadhramaut to intervene to stop the deal. The governor reported back that he had succeeded in stopping the military men from selling the school, but was too late to stop the sale of a long beachline in Mukallah.
Yemen Times hails the Prime Minister for his swift and decisive action.