New Mechanism for Investigating Cole bombing Incident [Archives:2001/30/Front Page]

July 23 2001

A new team of American investigators are due to arrive within the next couple of weeks so as to verify certain facts related to the Cole bombing incident. The new team is formed of new members of counter-terrorist and explosive experts. Official sources noted that a new mechanism will be agreed upon with the American side in order to finalize pertinent issues related to both bombing incidents in the fastest possible time, and to bring the culprits to justice. It is also worth noting that over 35 people have been detained at prisons of the Political Security Bureau in Sana’a, Aden and Abyan. The American side has previously requested the Yemeni authorities to postpone referring the suspects to court, with the aim of adding new information to the case file.
News reports leaked from some security circles unveiled that a Russian national, disguised in female dress, was arrested near the American Embassy.