NEW POEMS [Archives:1998/27/Culture]

June 6 1998

-I shall never smile again;
Nor love only cry in pain.
-My heart meets agonies on all side;
Agonies are my sea’s ebb and tide.
-Sigh my heart, sigh my soul;
Wander lonely sans a goal.
-My hope has vanished and dried;
My dreams drift without any guide.
-Life has shrunk into a sigh;
Providence has snatched our loving eye.
-Destiny has shattered my cherished dreams;
Oh, no more to see their sacred light beams.
By: Mohammed Hatem Al-Qadhi I CAN SEE FOR MILES AND MILES
I see the sun, it’s smiling,
I see the clouds,
they’re saddening,
I see the rain, it’s crying,
I see myself, I’m dying,
I hear the wind, it’s howling,
I hear the thunder,
it’s shouting,
I see the lightening,
it’s frightening,
I see the bombs,
they’re destroying,
I see the poor, they’re starving, I see the leaders,
they’re laughing,
I see the Devil, he’s planning,
I see some people,
they’re worshipping,
Worshipping whom you ask?
Why, Satan of course!
Don’t mistake the obvious,
We’re all sufferers.
By: Waffa Alawi Nasser.