New pressure on domestic gas [Archives:2004/786/Local News]

November 1 2004

By Yemen Times Staff
Taiz Bureau

The markets in Taiz city are witnessing a new pressure, created for the domestic gas cylinders that lead to an increase in its price in the black market, as it has reached to YR 300 per cylinder instead of YR 250, in addition to transportation charges etc.
So, the status in the rural districts is reflected by more burden on the shoulders of the citizens as there is much monopoly on this state purposefully done by the sole investor in Taiz Governorate due to in-existence of other local companies competing in the same line, in the market.
Therefore, if any misunderstanding or disputes take place between the monopolizing company and the Ministry of Petroleum & Minerals, or the Yemen Petroleum Company, the results will soon affect the consumers directly, either in price rise or by its scarcity in availability and its being sold in black market.