New Rise in Oil Products Expected Soon [Archives:2000/09/Front Page]

February 28 2000

Prime Minister Dr. Abdulkareem Al-Eryani warned opposition parties against any running riot, confirming that his government would go ahead in implementing the price increase on oil products in two months time. He said it was an important move within the framework of economic reforms and in response to a commitment Yemen had made to Paris Club. 
All opposition parties refused to attend the meeting held at the house of Dr. Abdulkareem Al-Eryani last Tuesday. An opposition leader who attended that meeting said that the Ministry of Finance, Civil Service, and Ministry of oil gave justifications about the new increase. For example, they said that the rise will help tackle the deficit in the state budget. 
Opposition leaderships considered those measures as would help increase inflation to which Al-Eryani responded that the government could only explain its justifications and the opposition has the right to express its opinions in a peaceful way. 
The new rise in prices includes oil products such as diesel, gas, jet fuel and kerosene.