New Saudi-Yemeni Border Demarcation Challenges Arise [Archives:2001/20/Front Page]

May 14 2001

Reliable official sources told Yemen Times that the latest threats of certain tribes to resist any demarcation efforts and the apprehension of possible violence on the borders on this issue resulted in the decision of the government hold its session tomorrow, Tuesday May 15 to discuss the issue. The government is expected to come out with a detailed report about the impending problems including, the threats of some tribes to disregard the Jeddah treaty. They will release the latest maps of the demarcation efforts, which will be submitted to the leadership of the country.
Meanwhile, Yemen Times has received enormous complaints from different tribal leaders from Dahm and Waile opposing the demarcation efforts by the two countries.
Tribesmen on the borderline near “Jabal Al-Thar” along with Wadi Al-Fari mountain range are reported to have thwarted Saudi lead efforts to demarcate the border. The team resumed work only after the Yemeni leadership intervened and ordered the surrender of the equipment so as to have the Saudi teams continue their work.
Yemen Times reporters have witnessed several Saudi camps on the demilitarized zone near the border about 20 km inside Yemeni territory while Yemeni forces have withdraw several kilometers to the south.
It was reported earlier that Dahm and Waile tribes had urged upon the leadership of both countries to withhold of the demarcation efforts until their demands were met. Letters protest were also sent to the German Embassy to press withdrawal of the demarcating company German Hanza Luft Bild entrusted with the task. The tribes stressed that these letters of protest should be considered as for warning to avert any eventualities in future.
Yemen Times managed to visit the disputed area to assess the legitimacy of the claims of the different tribes involved and compare the set of maps approved by the Jeddah treaty with the ground realities. A complete report with photos of the disputed areas will be published in coming issues.
It was earlier reported that Saudi Arabia arrested and imprisoned. Since the signing of the Jeddah treaty, around 833,000 persons on the charge of trying to infiltrate into the Kingdom through the borders. Most of those were alleged to be Yemenis.