New science emergedNeuro Linguistic Programming (Part 1) [Archives:2003/668/Education]

September 15 2003

By Essam Ali Alhadad
APTECH Computer Center

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the name of a new science – It started in the mid seventies by two American Scientists Dr. John Gardner, a linguist and Richard Bandler, mathematician and an expert in psychology, in addition to his experience as a computer programmer.
This Science is based on discovering different types of people’s reactions to mental stimuli and emotional factors that affect people’s behaviors.
We can say that it’s a science that shows us the interior world of human beings and their potential abilities, it provides us with different tools and skills that help us recognize the human personality, our way of thinking, our behavior, our performance, our principles, and different milestones that we cross in our life of creation and success. It also provides us with different ways, by which we can cause the desired positive changes in thinking, behavior and feelings of human beings and their abilities to achieve their goals. All these effects are based on many experimental rules that we can apply and measure their effects easily.
The spectrum of applications of NLP has been extended to affect almost every field of our life like education,physical & mental health, trading, business, advertising, training skills, personal matters, & family matters .
One of the most important fields that muslims can benefit from this science is to spread Islam and their beliefs all around the world.

Aspects of NLP
NLP is a science based on testing and experimenting and leading into clear and absolute results in a number of fields. For example:
Consciousness limits in human beings and limits of senses: place, time,things, events, goals, self satisfaction and relations to others.
Mental state: How we measure it and recognize it and how to change it. Rules of human senses in forming mental states.
Thinking modes and the rules in memorizing process, creativity, relation between the languages and thinking. It deals with how we can use our senses in thinking process, how we identify ways of thinking of the people, the relation between thinking and physical (physiological) body functions, how to create intimacy between people, rule of intimacy in affecting people, how to understand human’s behavior, how to change negative values that limit our abilities, the role of language in limiting our experience, how to overcome these limits and how to use language to reach human minds and hearts to cause positive changes in values and concepts, individual treatment for fear, and psychological instability, how to treat paranoid and how to control our habits and change them, skills improvement and how to reach our limits of performance and abilities to improve our personal performance.

NLP Bases
NLP works on 4 main aspects which are the following:
1- The target or goal: What We want.
There are many ways that help us to know what we want, what is better for us, ways to ease our work to reach our goals. It helps us to have a stable mental state toward our goals in the future. It helps us also to believe in ourselves and clearly take decisions and good steps and expect the consequences of our decisions.
2- Senses: They are our ways to get contact and awareness to our surroundings. NLP works on the senses to improve them and focus on the spectrum of these senses.It helps our senses to be better in ability and more efficient in their rules within our standard limits.
3- Flexibility: It is the crux of any evolution,change or success. If we don’t have flexibility, we’ll be prisoners to routine. Any one who has flexibility in his thinking and behavior has more control over himself in different situations.
4- Initiations and work: The base angle of the four aspects. If We don’t do anything We won’t get anything.
These four aspects are vital. To practice NLP we have to perform all these four without exception.
To be concluded next week