New science emergedNeuro Linguistic Programming (Part 2) [Archives:2003/670/Education]

September 22 2003

By Essam Ali Alhadad
APTECH Computer Center, Sana'a

Advantages of NLP can be summarized as the following:
1- Personal benefits : discovering our abilities and talents.
2- Better planning to achieve our goals.
3- Establishing relationships and intimacy.
4- Discovering self programs and habits , modifying them into better programs.
5- Getting psychological stability, specially anything concerning roles of humans in our life.

What we learn from NLP:
We can summarize the following insights gained from Neuro Linguistic Programming as follows:

A- Mode of the majority of people:
NLP classifies people into different classes according to their reactions and responses to different internal and external stimuli. So we can understand sources of people's reactions and realize ways to make relations with them and how to affect them positively. Examples of these classifications:
-Classifying people according to three human states (mental,behavioral,and emotional)
-Classifying them according to the predominance of senses (, and perceptional).
-Classifying them according to their reactions to time (in time and through time).
-Classifying them according to their interests – seven classes (care about people, actions, places, things, data or information, time, and money).
-Classifying them according to their perception and understanding (living as himself,living in counter person's position and living in a position of observer).
– Classifying them according to their behavior modes (always blaming, self satisfied, realistic, sensible, confused).
Classifying people according to their mentality:
i. those who tend to be closer and tend to be away
ii. those who have internal references or external references
iii. those who seek internal support or external support
iv. those who like to generalize or to specialize
v. those who have a possibility character or a necessity character
vi. those who prefer open choices or close choices
vii. those who live in the past, the present or the future.
For each mode of these modes we have different signs that lead us to these modes. Examples: physical and behavioral traits,spoken language. They are the two strongest indicators for these modes.

B- Counter mental and emotional indicators: NLP teaches us to understand the state of counter mental and emotional mood,from the eyes, facial expression and even the voice. So we can differentiate between the picture if it is from the memory or newly created, real or delusional from the eyes.

C- Finding the positive states and applying them:
In NLP we can teach the learners skills to control their memories to apply them in their life. By this way they can succeed and improve their feelings and remove painful memories from their minds. So they can treat many mental and psychological problems caused by these memories.

D- Treating cases and problems like
Psychological problems, paranoid, feelings of weakness, delusional fears, antisocial behavior, lack of desire, bad behavioral habits, bad memories, poor educational levels, family problems,and wrong beliefs.

E- Good planning for success:
Focussing on psychological aspects to achieve our goals.

F- Modeling:
One of the important skills in NLP relates to studying some special traits in some people to understand the factors leading to success in their lives so that we can transfer these experiences and learn from them.