New Wahdawi Editor [Archives:1998/23/Local News]

June 8 1998

Mr. Ali Saif Hassan has been appointed as the Chief Editor of Al-Wahdawi weekly newspaper (mouthpiece of the Nasserite Unionist Party) to replace Mr. Hassan Al-Udaini, who will devote more time to party political activity.
Mr. Hassan is well qualified for the job.
YCB Website Visited

During the last six months, the Internet website of the Yemen Central Bank (YCB) was visited by more than 1,000 users from international and regional financial organizations and universities, said a statement issued by the YCB.
The YCB website consists of 14 pages that give information on interest rates, the Yemeni riyal rate of exchange, treasury bill sales and other important monetary and finance data that concern investors in this country.