New water treatment plant in Aden [Archives:2002/45/Business & Economy]

November 4 2002

A new water treatment plant costing DM 75 million is being built in al-Areesh, Aden.
Cost of the project is being paid by the government of Germany.
This amount represents 85% of the total cost.
Wastewater treatment is currently underway in many of Yemeni cities with the purpose of overcoming the problem of water shortages.
Treatment of wastewater is sought as one of the solutions for water shortages in places like al-Areesh area in Aden.
The Al-Areesh project is aimed to improve and replace parts of the old sewage system in four districts of the governorate of Aden and to support the network with new gathering lines to accommodate future expansions.
The sewage system has been connected directly to a modern pumping system for drainage to reservoirs of treatment built in al-Areesh area, 10 km to the northeast of Aden International airport.
Al-Areesh project for wastewater treatment, built on an area of one square kilometer, consists four major pumping stations with a treatment capacity of 70,000 cubic meters of wastewater.
Product from the treatment station has been drained to sea. The general direction now is to use that product for irrigation and fight desertification, planting certain plants that can grow with wastewater.
The project also includes oxidization of lakes that are part of the biological treatment. They are shallow lakes where wastewater is gathered, to absorb oxygen used in oxidization lakes.
Inside the treatment station there is a facility for operation. The utility includes rooms for administration, laboratory and training.