New work begins at Aden airport [Archives:2005/809/Local News]

January 20 2005

Aden Bureau
Developments at Aden airport are officially underway.

They include ground improvements, and Fire Brigade Shade (veranda) work.

The work was launched Jan. 3.

Minister of Transportation Omer Mohsen al-Amoody, and Governor of Aden Yehia al-Shuaiby, Deputy Governor of Aden and General Secretary of the Local Council in the Governorate Mr. Abdul Karim al-Shayef, attended the inauguration.

Al-Amoody noted that this project would improve and modernize Aden International airport, which is expected to absorb the more of commercial and economical activities during the coming years.

“All the Yemeni ports are connected with the development operation and Aden airport is becoming one of the most prominent Yemeni airports,” he said.

The work comes to improve the airport capacity and provide the requirements for air safety.

The Fire Brigade Shade (veranda) will is financed by the Civil Aviation Authority and Meteorology.

This will include lighting and fencing in addition to passengers building rehabilitation, the tower and the technical building, the runway extension and paving, as well as the reserve power station and other related equipment.