New year theft cases in Taiz [Archives:2004/700/Local News]

January 5 2004

A gang of thieves had broken into a number of shops and stolen valuable goods in the early hours of Friday 2 January in the city of Taiz. The thefts occurred near Wadi Al-Madam and other areas and used sharp and developed tools to break locks and go through the gates of the shops.
Two shops belonging to local merchants Abdulkhaliq Qaid and Abdulwahid Mohamed Al-Odeini at Wadi Al-Madam circle were broken into by cutting off the locks but were eventually not robbed, while an electronics shop near the Lower Jumhuri Hospital and another near the 26 September neighborhood were both subject to theft.
According to shop owners, thieves were able to take advantage of the lack of street lights at night due to neglect of the Electricity establishment and Public Works Authority.
It is worth noting that the number of theft and robbery cases has increased lately throughout the country. Many attributed this to unemployment, poverty, and the ever-increase in prices.