New Yemeni history book [Archives:2006/1009/Local News]

December 21 2006

SANA'A, Dec. 18 – In cooperation with Yemeni foundations and various foreign organizations, the French Institute for Antiquities and Social Sciences funded, printed and published a book on “Yemeni Cities of Inscriptions.” The institute is chaired by Jan Lampere.

The book was compiled by Monir Arbash and the famous French photographer Auje Founchi. It is composed of 238 pages, nearly one hundred photos, 21 paintings and several maps. The book concludes with a chronically serialized table showing the biographies of the kings of Arabia Felix and contains an index for places, as well as a list of consulted references.

The book focuses on the valley cities that played an important role in the incense trade in 1000 B.C.

The book was produced to help French people in particular and the Europeans learn about the civilization of Arabia Felix kings through photos and texts. It also aims to help Yemenis know about their civilization heritage, which is pondered upon as part of the world heritage.

Additionally, the book intends to show the wealthy civilization of the Arabia Felix kings with the help of antiquities and inscriptions.

The book is written in Arabic and French and both versions have the same content.

The Arabic version, which is entirely separated from the French one, contains a historical glimpse about the early appearance of Arabia Felix kings, in addition to maps, languages and calligraphies of the past and brief explanation about valleys, of which shots were taken.

The book is distinctive for being compiled and organized in two different visions. The first vision is that of the photographer who took numerous shots expressing themselves in their own language without any comments, thus giving the reader the complete freedom to contemplate on the appreciate the product.

The other vision, which has a complementary role, is that of the historian, who worked hard to understand and interpret the reasons behind the Arabia Felix kings' great civilization and ancient history.