News Agencies Accuracy Failure in Feilenbergs Case Felienberg Freed on Saturday [Archives:2001/04/Front Page]

January 22 2001

German Expert Lothar Feilenberg, was freed and arrived safely to Sanaa last Saturday evening, January 20, after being held kidnapped for three days in Shabwa Governorate. He was kidnapped in the afternoon of Wednesday, January 18, by a group of armed tribesmen from Al-Kurab tribe led by Ahmed Nasser bin Zeid. Feilenberg is the Manager of the German Company Peussag Energies Uqla Exploration site, which has two oil diggers and is located around 600 km to the east of Sanaa.
It was reported mistakenly by some news agencies that Feilenberg was freed last Thursday as a result of the mediations of Ali Omar Ba Haisami, while the truth is that he was freed two days later after the successful mediations of Amid bin Fareed and Sheikh Salem bin Hamad Mail as the initial mediation of Haisami had failed.
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