News in brief [Archives:2003/683/Local News]

November 6 2003

• The Yemeni Cultural Week is to be held by the Yemeni Culture Ministry during 14-24 December at the Moroccan capital, Rabat. The Yemeni Cultural Week comes in a time Rabat has been crowned as the Arab Cultural Capital 2003 and Sanaa is to be crowned as Arab Cultural Capital 2004.

• As a part of its humanitarian grant aids, the embassy of Saudi Arabia in Sana’a recently distributed foodstuff through the Mecca Charitable Institution. Sources said that the embassy in Yemen will spend about YR 25 million as a part of its aid. Shiekh Abdullah Sa’atar, one of the prominent Islah leaders has been entrusted with distributing those foodstuff in the city of Marib.

• Gas prices in the city of Sana’a have unexpectedly soared to YR 400 from YR 200 during the last few weeks due to a lack of natural gas at authorized gas agencies. The Yemen Gas Company said last week that gas consumption by the local consumers depends on market’s needs. It also called upon citizens to inform the company of any exclusive or monopolizing control of gas in the city.

• A micro-enterprise training course was officially inaugurated in Taiz in cooperation with GTZ with the participation of about 240 trainees in all fields. Mr. Khaleel al-Qadasi, the Chairman of the micro-enterprises development society said the training course will give training in fields such as carpentry, electricity, welding, sewing, embroidery, make-up, cosmetology, and other handiwork industries. The training course has been dedicated to the marginalized class and the handicapped in the city of Taiz and neighboring districts. “The society will pursue the outcomes of those training courses in order to start their special micro-enterprises,” the society chairman said.

• Around 26 people were killed and 156 injured in different governorates of the republic in traffic accidents that occurred last week alone, official traffic reports said. The material losses also exceeded YR 12,700,000. The main reasons behind the sudden increase in the number of accidents is due to reckless driving in Ramadan that is caused by the drivers’ attempts to reach early for Iftar during peak hours just before sunset.