News in brief [Archives:2006/974/Local News]

August 21 2006


Eight tradesmen brought to justice

August 19th – The Industrial and Commerce office in Hajja subjected eight tradesmen to legal investigation for manipulation of goods prices. The tradesmen were caught during a campaign launched national wide to ensure stability of prices as per ministerial instructions issued July this year to fix the commodity prices in Yemen.

Lightening kills 12 people

August 17 – Twelve people died because of lightening during last week in Hajja governorate alone. The on-going rainy season coupled with lack of awareness has caused the death of many civilians in the mountairain areas, said governor of Hajja Mr. Mo0hammad Al-Harazi. As a consequence, the governorate has dedicated five million YR for purchase and instalment of equipment to mediate the risk of lightening.


69 kilos of Hashish burned

August, 17th – Local authorities in Haramout provenance burned around 69 and a half kilograms of Hashish confiscated earlier this year. The burning took place post an awareness session on the dangers of drugs at Balfaqeh Cultural Center. The session was attended by the governor deputy, head of the general attorney at the governorate and a number of concerned individuals and authorities.

Anti-Malaria campaign

August 18 – A medical survey of 3260 under-9 students for anopheles indicated that 200 were found positive to the mosquito-borne disease,” said Abdul-Rahim al-Shamiri the director of the National Anti-Malaria Program