Newspapers on Trial [Archives:1999/22/Local News]

May 31 1999

Yemen Times, Al-Shoura, and Al-Thawra will appear before Judge Al-Raimi in the Southwest Sanaa Primary Court tomorrow. The three newspapers are being sued by the authorities for slander. 
A fourth newspaper, Al-Ayyam, is also on trial in Seera Primary Court in Aden, for ‘inciting separatist feelings.’ 
A fifth newspaper, Al-Haq, is on trial in the North Sanaa Primary Court for printing what the press prosecutor termed ‘sensitive information.’ 
The authorities are tightening the screws on the media, even as the nation prepares itself as a model for democratization within the “Emerging Democracies Forum” to be held in Sanaa during 27-30th June, 1999.