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February 23 1998

Cities Championship for Juniors
The fund for sponsoring youngsters and youth approved the first Yemeni cities championship program for junior players under the age of 16 for the year 1998 at an amount of YR 5,276,00. It includes 13 sports game:

1- Football2- Volleyball
3- Basketball4- Table Tennis
5- Athletics6- Tennis
7- Taekwondo8- Karate
9- Wrestling 10- Gymnastics
11- Judo 12- Boxing
13- Body Building

Nine governorates participating in the championship are;

participates in the 13 chosen games

participates in 10 games except wrestling, gymnastics and Judo

participates in 10 games except tennis, body building and boxing.

participates in 11 games except body building and boxing

participates in 6 games,
football, volleyball, basketball, table tennis and taekwondo

participates in 6 games: football, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, athletics, taekwondo and karate.

participates in football, volleyball, tennis table, basketball, athletics, and taekwondo.

participates in table tennis, athletics and karate.

participates in football, volleyball, basket ball, table tennis, athletics, taekwondo and karate.
This championship will be held on two phases: the first will take place between March and June and the second will take place between June and July.