NGO Conference in Full Swing [Archives:1998/21/Front Page]

May 25 1998

Preparations for the First NGO General Conference (16-18 June 1998) are in full swing, according to Prof. Abdulaziz Al-Saqqaf, Chairman of the Conference’s Stearing Committee, and Chairman of the Human Rights and NGO Committee at the Consultative Council. “We have already received confirmation of participation from about 2 dozen international NGOs from Canada, and various European countries. Also some 110 local NGOs from all over the country have named their representatives,” he added.
The conference objectives are:
1) To further enrich the draft of the law on NGOs.
2) To establish channels of cooperation and networking among Yemeni NGOs.
3) To broaden contact and cooperation among Yemeni and international NGOs.
4) To bolster capacity building of Yemeni NGOs by offering guidelines on report-writing, book-keeping and marketing techniques.
President Ali Abdullah Saleh will be at hand to kick off the inauguration session, according to the program.