NIIT Celebrated New Phase of Development [Archives:2000/26/Local News]

June 26 2000

In cooperation with the NIIT Ltd, one of the biggest international companies interested in information technology and programming, the YTEL established the NIIT Center, the first of its kind in the Republic, to train and qualify interested people in computers.
The center was established in accordance with international standards and in partnership with NIIT Ltd which is a well reputed international company administering more than 1200 training centers in more than 32 countries all over the world.
The center was inaugurated last Monday by Dr. Abdulkarim Al-Iryani, Prime Minister. The director of the center, Mr. Jamiel S. Al-Magaleh showed Dr. Iryani over the center departments which included different training programs for students who had finished their secondary studies, for companies, ministries, establishments, for individuals in different fields and for children as well.