Nine projects in meteorology and air navigation [Archives:2005/874/Business & Economy]

September 5 2005

Mahyoub Al-Kamaly
The general authority for civil aviation and meteorology is currently implementing nine projects of air and sea meteorology in a number of airports and seaports in Yemen as part of the national plan of civil aviation. The projects under construction are aimed at meeting demands and requirements of preparation and supply of Sana'a aviation, as approved by the navigation committee of the Middle East countries, along the political boundaries of the Yemeni Republic, the Arabian Sea region and the Indian Ocean to 60 degrees east. The projects' agenda includes the establishment of complete meteorological systems for measuring elements of aerial weather at Sana'a Airport. The cost is YR 11 million, covering equipment for information monitoring in an automatic way and sending them directly through computers at the meteorology tower and the office of weather forecasts at the airport in addition to meteorology sector at the main center.

The project aims at updating and modernizing meteorology systems at the airport. It includes the installation of information monitoring system at the northern meteorological station at the airport/ runway 18 that include apparatuses for measuring temperature and relative humidity, duration of sunshine and an apparatus for measuring air pressure, speed of winds direction and measuring the quantity of rainfall. Winds system would be installed at the end of runway 36, including apparatus for measuring speed and direction of winds and a cell of solar system. This is part of a project of upgrading wind apparatuses at a number of international airports at a cost amounting YR 56 million and 613 thousand in order to ensure regular monitoring of winds elements mechanically and with ordinary methods and to ensure safety of air traffic.

The general authority of civil aviation and meteorology had earlier embarked on implementation of four projects in a number of governorates, including three stations for surface and sea monitoring at a cost of YR 41 million and 406 thousand, among them a station for sea monitoring in Aden, that has been finished recently, in addition to two stations in the cities of Mukalla and Al-Makha, now under construction plus the implementation of a project of a station receiving satellite photos from the second generation MSJ. This is under construction at a cost of YR40 and 75 thousand. The project aims to enhance the capacities of the National Center for Meteorology and the office of forecasts with information and satellite photos that are useful in studying the atmosphere according to specifications of the world organization of meteorology.