Nine Yemenis Detained in the USA [Archives:2001/41/Local News]

October 8 2001

Official sources said that American authorities detained nine Yemenis and questioned them about the latest terrorist attacks in Washington and New York. The sources said that most of detainees are students and immigrants who study electrical engineering and aviation. The sources said that the detainees are not being interrogated as suspects. They are Omaer Sulaiman Mihader Mohammed Abdullah, Ramez Noman, Hussein Ali Hassan Al-Attas, Yehia Ali Amri, Ahment Qasim Ahmen, Saleh Qasim, Saleh Akram Abdullah Rashed, Raid Al-Wisabi.
Al-Wisabi is being interrogated for having a relationship with Hani Hanjor, a person believed to have died in one of the two planes that crashed into the World Trade Center.
Yemenis in America have been killed in American and Western response to the attacks in the USA. Yemen condemned the attacks and took stiff security measures in its airports. Some Afghan- Arabs have been arrested.