No goods to Eritrea [Archives:2002/49/Local News]

December 2 2002

A new decision has been recently issued by the Yemeni authorities warning Yemeni-based companies and merchants not to import and export goods to Eritrea.
The London-based Middle East paper stated last week that the new decision is in the form of a letter given by diplomatic sources.
The letter has been issued by the governor of Aden, Taha Ahmed Ghanem.
The decision has been also directed to the Director of the Yemeni Costs Authority, the Chairman of the Industry and Commerce Chamber and the Manager of the Industry and Commerce in Aden. “According to the prime minister’s directives, any food supplies, fuels, or equipment is not allowed to be exported to Eritrea. Any one who involves will be exposed for interrogation,” the letter said.
Sources added that the decision that has been issued within the framework of the recent Tri-Sana’a Summit’s decision among Yemen, Sudan, and Ethiopia.
The majority of the Yemeni exports to the Eritrean markets don’t exceed chemical substances, foodstuff and the domestic manufacturing oil industries, which are at times smuggled.