No new cabinet formation [Archives:2006/988/Local News]

October 9 2006

SANA'A, Oct. 7 ) An official source in the ruling General People Congress denied new government reshufflings, pointing out the law doesn't oblige President Ali Abdullah Saleh to reshuffle the current cabinet following his victory in September 20 elections.

The source ruled out any replacement of ministers as the current cabinet was formed only a few months ago and saying that if there is any cabinet reshuffling, it may take place in 2007.

President Saleh issued a Republican Decree last February to reshuffle Abdulqader Bajammal's cabinet. Meanwhile, some media predicted that Saleh is conducting deliberations with his advisors to form a new government to be presided over by a former deputy prime minister, who was dismissed in the most recent cabinet reshuffling, instead of Bajammal. These media project that Bajammal will moved to occupy the post of a GPC Secretary General.

“The current cabinet is less than one year old, and the ruling party, under Saleh, is satisfied with performance of the current government,” said Tareq Al-Shami, a GPC Media Sector officer.

With regard to the most recent reshuffling, Al-Shami said, “The political leadership suggested a new government formation to fight corruption and corrupt officials. And performance of some ministers in the former government was poor and unsatisfactory.”

Political action in Yemen necessitates reshuffling and giving tasks to youthful personalities, according to Al-Shami. He said the current government's performance is good, compared to the previous ones.

Al-Shami criticised some media for publishing incorrect stories and said it is impossible for these media, which want to make themselves prominent, to deter the political and democratic course in Yemen.