No Passage to Yemen For Israel! [Archives:2000/44/Focus]

October 30 2000

By: Jalal Al-Sharaabi
The Israeli attempts to get access to Yemens seaports and land passages are doomed to failure and its policy of creating crises and instigations would be fiercely confronted. Israel will never get access to the Strait of Bab Al-Mandab as long as there are millions of  people ready to make the Red Sea really red. 
The black history of Israel has developed a sense within Arab people that coexistence with the enemy can not be whatever Masonic and Zionist pressure is exercised. 
Had there been a curse on Arabs during decades, it should be considered that of Israel as an entity implanted by the colonialists in the heart of the Arab Land as an embodiment of crises, creation of instability and waste of energies. With the international patronage Israel enjoys, it has become as an inevitable fate for Arabs. 
As an Arab country Yemen has not been away from the Zionists plans and attempts to create chaos as messages to let go normalization stream. 
In the mid of 1990s Israel contributed to creating the crisis between Eritrea and Yemen on Hanish Island with the hope that Yemen would be engaged in war with Eritrea, but its attempt was undermined. It was expected that Israels failure would by followed by another attempt. Between Hanish and attempts to disrupt order by using the American card to get facilities in the Yemeni sea passages, Yemen was no easy task. 
The issuance of American and British passports to Jews in order to facilitate their entrance to Yemen was encountered with fury. The enemy newspapers then announced that a barrier had been collapsed even if nothing was achieved. This was followed by a ban on Jews entry to Yemen disregarding their identities and the passports they hold. 
On October 12, 2000 USS Cole was attacked to reveal once again an Israeli involvement through timing of the event, and its brutality which indicates that political failure has another inroad: terrorism. 
The event put Yemen in a very embarrassing situation because it took place after the Presidents return home after a tour of a number of Arab and foreign countries during which he presented Yemens crystal-clear stance versus Israel. 
The Yemeni rage has reached its climax and the demonstrations of two million people calling for jihad sent a clear message. Opposition parties might be in bad terms with the state but when it comes to the enemy they join hands with the her. 
Great Britain, while at her supremacy, was kicked off from Aden and before that the Turks and Imams where driven out. So, any enemy tries to tread on her land will be dead. Israel will never pass through any passage to Yemen. Our people have an iron will, cause and love for sacrifice.