No Serious Y2K Problems in Yemen [Archives:2000/01/Front Page]

January 3 2000

Sanaa: The fears of the collapse of banking systems, electrical generators and telephone networks because of Y2K were over as we entered the third millennium without any significant faults in any of these systems. Despite the fact that Yemeni airlines suspended their flights for a few hours during the turn of the century as a precaution, nothing actually happened.
Although some newspapers had no other concern other than bringing about exaggerated articles of possible collapses of banking systems, etc., nothing of this type ever happened, and things went smoothly with no significant accident to report on.
Our country of Yemen has a minimal dependence on computers, so severe problems were not anticipated. However, what was feared in many advanced countries did not occur as well.
However, they are still waiting for today to see whether the problems will arise in a working day. It is expected that the banking sector will not witness major problems, especially the Arab Bank, which was among the first to prepare for the Y2K and was the bank that brought this issue to the attention of the government. While taking a deep breath of relief because the Y2K did not effect Yemen or the world, we can now look back at all of our worries and smile because it seems that we worried for nothing.